Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain-Week 7

Week 7 ended with an interception as Joe Flacco threw a pick in the end zone with seconds remaining on Monday Night Footballs battle of the birds. It capped off another exciting week in the NFL with many defensive squads making at least one or two big plays to turn the game in their teams favor. I mean if you just look at the game in London and the Jaguars defense, yes I said the Jaguars defense, they had multiple defensive touchdowns that were critical to the teams win over the Bills. 

Of course, while there is no "I" in team there are certain players that stand out as individuals who can be considered major contributors or huge letdowns. It's time for another edition of the Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain of the week.

Week 7 Villain:

A lot of thought has to go into who the Villain of the week is mainly because there are plenty of players who score low and don't perform very well for their team. I look at who cost more than the average player and has a reputation of being a higher end defensive player. This week the Villain comes from a team that won the game, but hasn't exactly lived up to the hype. I'm talking about the L.O.B. the Legion of Boom, the defense in Seattle that has been the most feared over the past two seasons and had the same reputation leading into this season.

Something has gone wrong though and the L.O.B is just not performing like they use too. 4th quarter leads are being lost and that fiery spirit seems to be lacking. This week the Villain goes to Bruce Irvin, the OLB for the Seahawks who got a whopping 1 point against the 49ers.

Irvin has always been one of the key guys for the Legion of Boom making big hits for the defense. In his final year of his current contract I expected more out of him. Seattle was against a week division rival this week in the 49ers and it was a time to take advantage. Irvin did not, and when you cost $7200 that's just not acceptable. All I can say to this weeks Villain is "Do Better" and try and not be in this spot again.

Week 7 Hero:

The hero of the week is going to be a shocker to most fans of the NFL. The reason being he comes from a team that has never been thought of as a defensive powerhouse or average. This week's hero had is powers on full display on the other side of the pond in London for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He flew around the field making plays, swatting passes, and even returning an interception for a TD. This week's IDP Hero is Telvin Smith the OLB for the future London Jaguars (we all know it's happening).

Smith had a great game in London this past weekend and was one of the key reasons the Jags left the UK with a win. His stat line was 8 solo tackles, 1 assisted, 2 tackles for loss, 3 passes defended, 1 Int, and 1 TD. That is quite the game for a defensive player and gave him a whopping 22.5 points, thats as many points as his previous 2 games combined. He was above and beyond a defensive hero for his team this week and lived up to his $7200 price tag.

Those are this weeks Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain for Week 7. Let me know your thougts and if you haven't yet, check out Redraft Hero. They are a new DFS company specializing in IDP play. You can also check out the previous Hero and Villains by clicking here: Week 5 and Week 6.

That's just my stance, let me know yours.