Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain: Week 11

The NFL has wrapped up Week 11 and it amazes me how no matter what Rex Ryan does he can't seem to ever beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. He can have top of the line defensive players, while Brady and the Patriots are on their 6th or 7th string WR like on Monday night and still no answers. Once again we see the Patriots look bad, but someway somehow they come out on top with the win. It is impressive when you think about it even though it frustrates the rest of us who are not New England fans.

The game did have lots of defense and Week 11 as a whole saw a lot more defense than offense, especially with so many offensive player injuries (Flacco, Forsett, and Freeman). Apparently if you were an offensive player with a last name that started with "F" you weren't going to have a good weekend. The defenses came out strong this weekend, but while over 50% of teams were held in the teens, some just put up video game type numbers (Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Arizona). That means someone let you down defensively, so let's find out who this weeks Redraft Hero IDP Villain is...


The bigger the spotlight the more some players seem to shrink and it really is amazing when you think about it. Players like Peyton Manning are known as regular season all-stars, but when the playoffs come calling he seems to revert back to an average joe. Then there are teams that play bad as a whole when everyone is watching, and lately no team is better known for that than the Cincinnati Bengals. After looking awful against the Texans last Monday night and falling from the undefeated's they seemed poised for another bad showing Sunday night in Arizona. Surprisingly, they put up a good fight, but fell just short 34-31. While the team as a whole played well one guy on defense who is known as a playmaker made zero plays. He finished with 2 points after averaging 7.4 fppg for the season. Not only that, but he cost $8500 so you paid $4250 per point. That is not a good average to have trust me. That is why this weeks IDP Villain for Week 11 DE Carlos Dunlap 

Dunlap just wasn't able to get anything going against the Cardinals offensive line. This is two weeks in a row now that he has really been a letdown after putting up a goose egg last week. This defense will only get so far without Dunlap being productive. He and Geno Atkins really make that defensive line one to be feared so one when isn't producing it shows. Hopefully he get's back on track against the Rams in Week 12, where the offense has been pretty stagnant as of late.


The Hero this week is a guy that recovered from a poor showing, especially for someone who leads the league in tackles this year. If you aren't sure who that is it's  D'Qwell Jackson  and he is this weeks IDP Hero for Week 11. In week 9 Jackson put up a total of 1.5 points against the Denver Broncos and as the leader of the Colts defense that can't happen. He changed that in a big way posting 25 points against the Falcons in a come from behind win. 

Jackson did everything that was needed of him and more because not only did he fly around making tackles, he also recorded two sacks, deflected a pass, intercepted a pass, and recovered a fumble for a TD. He did this all for the friendly price of $5000 on Redraft Hero, which as the leading tackler in the league is almost an insult, but I will take it every week and put him in my lineup. If the Colts are going to win the AFC South without Andrew Luck their defense will have to step up and D'Qwell Jackson showed what he and the Colts defense are capable of doing and that is why he is Week 11's IDP Hero.

That's my stance, let me know yours...

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