Redraft Hero IDP Hero and Villain: Week 9

It's over, we are officially past the halfway point in the NFL season. I'll give you moment to grieve....that seemed like enough time. The interesting thing about this past weekend was the teams that we thought were the top defensively showed some cracks. The Denver Broncos showed that a QB can throw for over 77 yards against them, sorry Rodgers, but Andrew Luck was able to do enough to take down the vaunted Denver D. We also got to see the Minnesota Vikings go up against a stout St. Louis Defense and come out on top. Even with Teddy Bridgewater getting knocked out cold on a questionable hit. If I could make a player a villain for one play Lamarcus Joyner (he hit Bridgewater) or Aqib Talib (Poked Dwayne Allen in the eye) would get it this week.

They are villains in their own right, but besides those questionable plays we saw some of the top defenses falter, but when looking for a hero and villain it's not about the team's performance, it's about the players. This week there were plenty of guys who didn't step up and put up low or no points at all, but one guy imparticular was key to his teams chances of winning and did nothing. Let's see who Week 9's IDP Villain is...

Week 9: Villain

This weeks villain was a bad man, not only did he put up 0 points, but he was apart of a defense that gave up a total of 597 yards and 38 points. What's even worse is that he was someone I believed would have a big weekend, don't believe me check it out and see if you know who I'm talking about. I will say the villain this week does seem to fit the mold, I mean his team colors are black and silver...figure it out yet? No, that's alright, It's not Charles Woodson he has been playing on a level no one expected for someone his age. It is a teammate 15 years younger than he is, that's right I am talking about Khalil Mack. The past two weeks Mack absolutely destroyed offensive linemen, but this week the steel curtain blocked him out of the stats category.

Mack was averaging 7.4 fppg and looked like he was in line for another big week. The Steelers O-line was missing key members, Le'Veon Bell is out for the year, and Big Ben hasn't been as mobile since spraining his knee. Instead, all he did this was cost you $7000 for nothing in return. Thanks Khalil, thats why you are the Redraft Hero IDP Villain of Week 9. Do better and maybe get some tips from your wise old teammate Charles, he seems to know what it takes to make it in the NFL.

Week 9: Hero

You could make an argument that every game is important for team's in their NFL schedule, but it's just not true. Sometimes there are games that don't matter that much compared to others. The first game of the year is exciting and full of hope, but if you lose it's no big deal and everyone moves on. Then there are other games that define a team or a players season. This Sunday night both of those occurred for one player on the Philadelphia Eagles. This week's Hero is Brandon Graham and he was able to help the Eagles avoid falling two games below .500 and 1-3 in the NFC East. 

Graham had his biggest game of the year so far and showed what made the Eagles take him 13th overall in the 2010 draft. He put up an impressive 21.5 points against a Cowboys offensive line that is said to be one of the best in the league. Graham was all over Cassel and recorded 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles to go along with 7 tackles. His performance helped change the game and he was clearly the best defensive player on the field Sunday night, while only costing you $4800.  That is why Brandon Graham is Week 9's IDP Hero. Here's hoping he can have a repeat performance next week when the Eagles take on the Dolphins.

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That's my stance, let me know who your Hero and Villain were in Week 9.