Redraft Hero IDP Best Buy - Week 9

We are past the half way point of the NFL season, doesn't it seem like it just started yesterday? Well, with how some teams have played so far I am sure most fans wish the season did start yesterday (I'm looking at you NFC East and AFC South fans). Defensively a lot of teams have come out looking better than expected, Atlanta being one of them despite what San Francisco says, and sorry to tell you 49ers fans, but Blaine Gabbert facing any defense isn't going to go well no matter what you think.

Alright back to whats important the best buys in week 9 for your IDP lineups for Redraft Hero.

DE- This week I am going with a guy that brings back the down and dirty play that the black and silver faithful use to see with guys like Howie Long. I am talking about a bull rusher with no quit in him. That is why this week for the low price of $7000 Khalil Mack is my pick going against Pittsburgh. Mack is averaging 7.4 fppg, which for  DE is pretty good, but when you look at his last two weeks only, he has been on another level averaging 14.6 fppg. I believe he has hit his stride and going up against a struggling Steelers O-line with a hobbled Big Ben and no Le'Veon Bell in the backfield means a chance for big time points. If you don't have Mack in your lineup this weekend, don't come crying to me, I gave you a heads up.

DT- I am a broken record, I am a broken record, I am get the drift. I am going with Aaron Donald from St. Louis again. Listen I don't know who is deciding the salary value for some of these guys, but clearly they aren't paying attention to what Aaron Donald is doing on the field. This guy will cost you only $5900 this week again super cheap and he is averaging 7.81 fppg. Yes, he struggled 3 out of 4 weeks, but going up against Minnesota he should have a good showing. They are a run first team and Donald has the ability to get into the backfield. If you really need more reasons to pick Donald check out my reasons from last week and the week before.

LB- There is one thing you will notice with 2 out of my final 3 picks. It is that these guys will be from the same team that hails from Philadelphia. I am going with a rookie LB here in a rivalry game against Dallas. Jordan Hicks has stepped up in a big way for the Eagles this season. After watching Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks go down early with injuries, Hicks stepped in and shined for this linebacker corp. He will cost you $6700, but is averaging 8.77 fppg after coming back down to earth from a ridiculous 12.2 fppg. I think in a big game for the Eagles he ramps it back up, and who knows maybe he will take another Dallas QB out while he is at it.

CB- I really don't like picking the cornerback position because it seems everyone I pick gets hurt or just has a bad game. I picked Sam Shields last week if that is any indication, he had a grand total of 0 points after leaving with a shoulder injury in the 1st quarter. The guy I am going with this week though should be in the conversation for defensive MVP with the season he has produced so far. His talents were again on display Monday night in the slop fest that was Indy vs. Carolina. 

Yeah, I am talking about Josh Norman, the one man secondary or so it seems. I mean seriously every pass seems like it's at him and all he does is swat it or pick it off. He is currently averaging 10.00 fppg, but will only cost you $6200. He goes up against Aaron Rodgers this weekend and after only throwing for 77 yards total last week you can bet Rodgers and the Packers will want to air it out. Expect a lot of action for Norman since he hasn't been hit with the "avoid at all cost" tag yet that guys like Revis and Sherman have become known for in the league.

S- Last, but certainly not least is my second Eagles player for the Best Buy this week. The first time I did this article I went with him and now I am going back with Malcolm Jenkins. Listen, he has asserted himself as a top Safety this year, but is not priced like one at $5200. Maybe it's because he is coming off a buy week I don't know, but going up against a weak Dallas team should be all the more reason to go with Jenkins. He plays the nickel corner position at times, which only adds to his value. This year he has put up 8.57 fppg and hasn't had less than 5 points in any game so far. Jenkins is an absolute steal on Redraft Hero, with the only two safeties averaging more fppg than him being priced at $8700 or higher, that's a $3500 difference, which can only benefit you and your team in this week's IDP contests. 

That's just my stance, let me know yours.

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