Redraft Hero IDP Best Buy - Week 8

Week 8 proved once again that a defense can change everything in the game. The Rams defense decided it was their time to shine, especially with teams like Denver off whose defense has been the talk of the league becoming the Legion of Zoom as we have seen the Legion of Boom in Seattle falter time and time again.

Of course, those defenses can't be great without the individual players that make them up. Even though football is a team sport, everyone and their mother know if one individual player misses an assignment the team could be screwed. I am going to try and make sure you don't end up with that player, we don't need a Bradley Fletcher on our team (If your an Eagles or Patriots fan you get that reference). If you didn't get that reference let me help:

He gave up three touchdowns to Dez Bryant in that game and basically to every other WR he went up against last year and continued that streak with the Patriots this year. Plain and simple he is horrible and never ever put him in your IDP lineup. Sorry got a little carried away, anyway let's see who is priced just right to help you win the weekend.

DE- Alright, I have a confession a few weeks ago I made the assumption that this guy was done. He hadn't done anything in his first four games and it seemed liked he had lost his mojo. I was wrong, because Cameron Wake has been on fire the past two games and I don't think he slowing down tonight against the Patriots. Wake and the entire Dolphins defense had been playing poorly, but since Dan Campbell has taken over as the head coach they have been phenomenal. Cameron has averaged 20 fppg over his last two games alone.

This week he plays on Thursday Night Football against the undefeated Patriots. The fact is he is going to cost $7100, which is low considering there are at least 10 other players ahead of him. He is facing off against a weak offensive line and has always played well against New England. I expect nothing less this week and think he will continue his resurgence.

DT- I am going to sound repetitive here, but how can I not when the massive man child known as Aaron Donald is priced at $5000 but destroying QB's and averaging 8.5 fppg. That's pretty good for a DT, especially one that can do this to players in the backfield:

He throws linemen to the side like they are nothing and this week he goes up against an offense that hasn't been all the productive in the 49ers. I expect him to take down Kaepernick one or twice, especially because of Kap trying to scramble around in the backfield.

LB- I am an Eagles fan, so this next choice is a little hard for me to make, because as much as I dislike the Cowboys I just can't deny this guys ability to flat out play the game. Sean Lee is my choice at linebacker this week going up against the Seahawks and their run first, second and sometimes third mentality. Unless they are in the Super Bowl, still to soon Seahawks fans? Anyway, Lee is priced like it's the friends and family weekend sale at JCPenney and will cost you only $4900 for 9.2 fppg.

CB- There's nothing like a Sunday night game a mile high in Denver. This week the Green Bay Packers take on the Denver Broncos in a battle of the undefeated. This game has two top defenses and both team boast future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Except, Peyton has looked like himself so far this year and that is why I am going with Sam Shields as my CB pick for this week.

He will cost you $6600, but interesting fact about Shields is he has had two games with 10+ points this year and both have come against the AFC West. This week he faces another AFC West opponent and with how Peyton has looked this year I could see him making that 3/3 in 10+ point games against that division. The Packers are also going to be in primetime where the defense seems to really step it up. Shields will be squaring off against Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders, so he should see plenty of action.

S- The Giants are atop the NFC East right now, which if you follow the NFL know that is not something to be proud of at the moment. There have been a few bright spots to go along with that 1st place spot for the G-men and one has been rookie safety Landon Collins out of Alabama. When he came out of college the expectations for Collins were high, but then an injury in the pre-season made people question if he was just going to be another bust that can't stay on the field.

Collins not only has lived up to early expectations, but he has stayed on the field for every game so far this season and is playing well for a rookie. Over the past 5 games he has averaged 7.5 fppg, which is pretty good for the safety spot. This week he is priced at $5100 going up against a Saints offense that is known to like to throw the ball. If he plays like he has, you can expect Collins to have a good game and fly around the field making big hits left and right.

These picks in total will cost you $28,700 and leaving you with $31,300 left to play with in picking four more spots for your lineup. You can now go and splurge on whoever you want for the rest of your lineup and hope they perform, because I'm not worried about who I picked its now up to you to finish off a contest winning lineup.

That's my stance, let me know yours.

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  1. Those are some really nice suggestions! I really like Landon Collins. I read about him on Daily Fantasy Sports and I have been following him ever since. Great article!


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