Redraft Hero IDP Best Buys: Week 10

It's week 10 in the NFL and I am having a hard time believing that we are in the final few weeks of the regular season already. We are though and some things still haven't changed like New England, Cincinnati, and Carolina just keep winning. It's crazy, maybe it is because all three have similar mascots you know:

Ok maybe it's just me being a jealous Eagles fan, but still it was a little funny you have to admit. No, alright moving on then. This week seems a little harder to figure out than most weeks. I don't know why, but I have done the research and am going to give you another week of some spot on "Best Buys". I mean did you not see how the guys I picked last week did? Jordan Hicks, that's all I am gonna say....oh and don't hold Khalil Mack against me, I really thought he was going to have a big game, but even Matthew Berry has a few misses right? I know I am not Matthew Berry, but a guy can dream. Anyway time to take a look at week 10's IDP Best Buys.

DE- This week I am looking for a guy that is going to be fresh and not have those tired legs like everyone else that has been playing all season. A guy that was a top DE for awhile, but put it all at risk when he decided to play with fireworks this off-season. That is right I am talking about Jason Pierre-Paul and I know what your thinking....seriously your "best buy" is a guy missing fingers? Yes, because after missing most of the season he came back in Week 9 and showed glimpses of his former self even with a Mickey Mouse looking glove on his one hand:

The reason I am going with him this week is for started he only cost $4500, which is low for how much upside he could actually have in his match up against the Patriots. While he only recorded 4 points his first game back, JPP will be facing a much weaker O-line this weekend and Brady will be without one of his safety valves in Dion Lewis. My Second reason is this could create the perfect "I'm Back" game for JPP in returning to the Meadow lands and that is why I am picking him here.

DT- It really is becoming hard to figure out the DT position for weekly contests. I had been relying on Aaron Donald as of late, but he continuously let me down. This week I am going with someone new and now Donald will have a huge game because that is how it always goes, am I right? Anyway, I am going with a guy that has showed promise while playing for one of the middling defenses in the NFL. He gets overshadowed because he isn't playing for one of the top defenses, but he still could have a big impact this weekend. Jurrell Casey of the Titans could be in for a nice day come Sunday when he and Tennessee take on the undefeated Panthers. Casey has averaged 6.4 fppg and over 5 fppg his past 3 games.

Casey and the Titans take on an offense that features a strong running game that likes to pound the ball up the middle. That is where Casey will be waiting with open arms to great J. Stewart and Cam Newton and bring them to the ground. He costs $5900 this weekend, which isn't bad when you consider he is in the top 5 for DT in scoring available for Sunday contests.

LB- I love the Linebacker position because these guys do so much in the game. They fly around the field making big tackles, covering receivers, making interceptions and sacks. It really is a special position and takes a special player to make an impact. This week someone finally smartened up and made Luke Keuchly cost $9000 and he would be worth every penny. He is not my best buy though, instead its the guy who has led the Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh. Ryan Shazier had an early season injury, but returned in Week 7 and has been improving each week. He will cost you $6900 and even though he is a little banged up I expect him to be on the field for a pivotal division game against Cleveland on Sunday. Shazier has averaged 12.7 fppg in his 5 games this season and I think if he plays he will match that making him a low cost option for the same output as top priced LB's.

CB- Wacka Wacka Wacka I am not doing the Fozzie Bear laugh, that was the Pac-man sound because I am going with Adam "Pac-man" Jones at CB this weekend. While Jones is averaging 7.5 fppg, most of that came at the beginning of the season. He has tapered off the last few weeks, which leads me to believe he is in line for a good game. He will cost you only $4800 and if we are being honest he should see plenty of action against Houston since I believe the Texans will be playing catch up for most of the game.

Outside of his pass coverage ability Jones still has the fact he can return a kickoff for a TD. I believe that gives him more value than he is given credit for at times. There is also no true shutdown corner on the Bengals so all the CB's should see a decent amount of action. If Pac-man doesn't put up at least 7 points I would actually be very surprised.

S- Last and not least we have the safety "best buy" of the week and I am not going to lie, I have wanted to put this guy in all year, but value wise he just wasn't in a position where it made sense to spend that much money on him. Finally though, I can say "Honey Badger don't care" about how much he cost because Tyrann Mathieu is going to play and he is going to play hard. This week he is only $6500 and I can only assume his price dropped because of his 5 point performance in week 8 before the Cardinals bye week.

Outside of two 5 point games this year Mathieu has recorded 7.5 points or more in the other six games and four of those he reached double digits posting, (12, 20, 10, and 14.9 points). He is a steal going up against a Seahawks defense that has had a hard time producing anything offensively all season. Expect him to make a few big tackles and be all over the field this weekend because remember:

That's my stance, let me know yours.