Redraft Hero IDP Best Buy-Week 6

Another week in the NFL has come and gone and figuring out who to pick for your Redraft Hero IDP or any IDP roster hasn't gotten any easier. Last week even I had a big miss in picking C.J. Mosley as a best buy, as you can see in my last article (IDP Hero and Villain) Mosley was crowned the first Villain in a new weekly piece I will be doing. He finished with 1.5 points and after spending $7000 on him that is not the return you are looking for from a big money pick.

Of course, I did also hit on a few of my picks such as Adam "Pacman" Jones who finished with 11.6 points for the low cost of $4500. This week though I aim to make all my best buys a hit for your sake and mine. Let's jump right in and take a look at the best DE option that will give you the best return on your investment.

DE- The defensive end position really is a hit and miss position nowadays because you never know if an offensive line will game plan for one specific player such as a Carlos Dunlap or J.J Watt. It makes it harder to want to spend big money on those players unless you know for a fact they will absolutely dominate no matter who they face. That is why this week I am going with Mario Williams going up against Cincinnati to have a good game. He is averaging 4.0 fppg, but at a cost of $5400 and a decent showing in his last two games I expect him to finally step up and put up at least two sacks this week along with a few tackles in a big time matchup.

DT- The big men inside are known for being the disruptor's up the middle and taking on double teams to help free up the other pass rushers. No one has seen that more this year than Ndamukong Suh of the Dolphins. The $114 million dollar man should expect to be double teamed it comes with the position and reputation he has as a defensive force. Those double teams have led to him averaging only 3.4 fppg this year. I think that changes this week against the Titans and for $5000 your not making that big of a gamble. Suh will have a resurgence and show why he got paid this off-season, the Dolphins are coming off a bye week and have a new coach leading the charge. I expect the Dolphins defense to come out on fire and Suh will lead the way.

LB- So there's this linebacker in Carolina that hasn't played since week one, where in about only two quarters worth of playing time racked up 7 tackles and a sack before suffering a concussion. Sounds like that would be a good guy to have on your defense when healthy, well your in luck because Luke Kuechly is back for the Carolina Panthers this week. The best thing is he only costs $4500, that may be the biggest steal of the year for this position in an IDP! Kuechly is an absolute monster and has a motor that never stops running, I expected nothing short of 15 points minimum against a Seattle offense that relies on the run and a scrambling QB in Russell Wilson.

CB- If your playing in a standard IDP league you need to look towards the Monday Night Football game to find a Corner back that could have a game made for prime time. The Eagles and Giants will be battling it out and its the secondary for the Giants I am looking at this week. Sam Bradford has thrown a total of 6 interceptions so far this year and the Giants secondary has recorded 5 interceptions themselves. I am looking for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to go out and make some plays against the NFC East rivals. He has averaged 7.9 fppg and with Prince Amukamara potentially out for the game he needs to step up in the Giants secondary. He will only cost you $5900 so you will be able to use that extra money to go after some other big time players.

S- Last week I picked Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles as my best buy at safety and I am tempted to do it again since he is only $6000, but I have to listen to my gut and go with Devin McCourty of the Patriots for only $5300 this week. While he has only averaged 5.5 fppg, I think playing against the Colts will push him to another level. The entire New England defense will be playing with the sense of vengeance since it was the Colts who started the entire "Deflategate" situation. This game will be personal and McCourty will make sure to put his stamp on it by the end.

Thats my stance, let me know your thoughts. 

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