This Gif of Japanese Volleyball Players Getting Blocked by Robots is Great

We have always worried about the robots taking over the world and killing everyone, well this gif shows Japan would be one of the first to fall. These robots have their arms up the whole time, you know where they are going to be, you can't avoid the block and tap the volleyball over them? Sad.

The gif is one of those that you also can't stop watching for a minute or two. How can't they beat these robots in volleyball? Are the robots eligible for the national team? If you get blocked by the robots do you get cut from the team? The last question I can answer. Yes. Yes you should get cut from the team. I can't trust you to be actual human beings in a game when you can't beat robots you created and know their every move. Especially when their moves are one thing and it's try and block with robot arms in the air.

Disappointing Japan. You create advances in technology all the time, and now you may have created robots that can defeat you.