The New Dynamic Duo: Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush

Yahoo - Two famous men from very different backgrounds are reportedly coming together in an attempt to buy the Miami Marlins. New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is teaming up with former Florida governor Jeb Bush in an attempt to purchase the franchise, according to the Miami Herald.

Jeter and Bush had previously been mentioned as suitors for the franchise, but had pursued the Marlins separately until now. Together, they’ll join forces in an attempt to compete against Wayne Rothbaum, a New York financier, according to the Herald.

THIS. MAY. BE. THE. GREATEST. DUO. EVER! I mean seriously could you find two guys that are more polar opposites to run a baseball team together? Why doesn't Jeb just give some money to the Rangers? They seemed to like GW when he was around.

Think about these two in an office having desk connected to each other. Can you see it? It looks a bit like this :

It's going to be great, because outside of their lifestyle, career paths, and number of women they've been with in their lives these two do have one thing in common. They both have very monotone personalities. What I mean is neither is a high energy person or a "Me" kind of guy who everyone knows when they are in the room. Instead, these guys like their privacy and just want to do their job. Something the Marlins haven't had in their leadership since......well ever.

It doesn't matter that these guys have nothing else in common. All that matters is they will actually try and make the Marlins a legitimate contender in what is now becoming a competitive NL East. I mean the Nationals and Mets should be battling for a few years. Let the Braves and Phillies be bottom dwellers. The Marlins have some talent, of course it all starts with keeping the young guys like Yelich and Ozuna somehow, but if Jeets and Bush can get this team under new ownership they would have a better shot of accomplishing that.

Jeffrey Loria is a terrible owner. He only cares about the numbers being put into his account and not the product on the field. That's what the MLB gets though for allowing an Art Dealer to take over a sports team. At this point I don't care who takes over the Marlins, but just the thought of Derek Jeter and Jeb working together makes me think of a baseball version of the Odd Couple. Something I think we could all agree would be hilarious.

P.S. Jeb could bring Jambalya to concession stands everywhere