Serena Williams is Having A Baby

SI - Tennis star Serena Williams announced that she's pregnant. 

Williams, 35, got engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in December.

Williams posted a photo on Snapchat with the caption "20 weeks." 

It's pretty simple, Serena is pregnant with her reddit co-founder fiance Alexis Ohanian.

Kind of explains the angle on the photo from earlier this week of the two:

That's a clear make them focus on my legs and butt, but not my stomach type pose. Back to what matters though.

This is great news for her and every single female tennis player for the next 1.5 years. Why? Plain and simple, Serena is the best female tennis player of all time and there was no sign of her slowing down. She is still at the top of her game and has proven multiple times that there is no one that can compete with her when she has her A-game, which is about 95% of the time.

She gets to have a sense of normalcy in her life at last. When was the last time you think Serena felt like a normal human being? Her career started in 1995, since then she has been on the rise and accumulated 783-130 record with 75 WTA titles and 23 Grand Slam Titles. Basically, she has been playing non-stop barring injuries.

Having a kid will give her the chance to take a break (from the tennis world, I know being a mom is hard as well). It could even give her time to think about ever coming back. I mean she is the greatest, has nothing left to prove, and is marrying a millionaire after already being one herself.

That's all in the future, for now, congrats Serena and Alexis may you have a kid as smart as the dad and as athletic as the mom.