Playoff Hockey Brings the Best Out of Canada's Opening Ceremonies

We've had two nights of the NHL playoffs and trust me when I say I haven't watched any of it. I'm not a hockey guy, never have claimed to know much about it. I grew up in NJ, I knew the Devils were good and that Brodeur and Neidermeyer were my boys, that's about it.

I am an openining ceremony/intro guy. Love them. Think the creativity put into them is great. I look forward to the Olympics, NFL Draft, and any major college championship game because of the video intro's and sometimes on field stuff. The playoffs in Canada have made it must watch opening ceremony type stuff. They had a guy carrying a torch around the ice. We're going back to the Roman battle times, and really all hockey is are guys that want to go fast, beat the shit out of each other, and use their weapon to cause the other team pain.

Canada is taking the playoffs this year to the next level with their openings. Why? Well it probably has something to do with 5 teams from the north being involved, and the fact a Canadien team hasn't won Lord Stanley's Cup since Montreal in 1992-1993 season. These people are amped up and ready to go and show the NHL World what they are made of. So far bravo, claps for you and your effort. The Canadiens had to follow the Oilers the night before as well, which if you still haven't seen it was chill inducing with a crowd rendition of "O Canada"

Just great. I can't wait to see if the Maple Leafs try and top them in anyway. Let's see what you got Toronto.

P.S. Only USA team that could match this type of feel for the intro's is the Bruins and you know I'm not lying.