Patriots Concerned About Where to Put 5th Banner.....F*ck You Patriots

ESPN - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Quick-hit thoughts and notes around the New England Patriots and NFL:

1. When the Patriots opened Gillette Stadium in 2002, the idea that they would one day have to explore design plans to create space for four additional Super Bowl banners would have been welcomed. Just 15 years later, that time has arrived. The thought struck me upon leaving the stadium one day last week, looking up at the south end zone, and seeing the four Super Bowl banners hanging: There’s no space for the fifth Super Bowl LI banner in that area.

Boo-hoo we can't figure out where to put the 5th Super Bowl banner because we never thought it would happen. Shut up Bob and Patriot fans. This type of story bothers the shit out of me, if you couldn't tell. I mean their is 7/8 of a stadium that doesn't have a banner on it first of all. Second, you could always make the banners a bit smaller and put three on each side instead of two giant ones. That way if you ever win a 6th SB you don't have to worry.

Also, don't make this an ESPN or any other sports media outlet story.  No one is going to feel bad, instead this will just add onto the Patriot hatred that we all feel and love having. Shut up, and figure it out on your own. It also doesn't help saying its a, "high-class problem" Bobby. That makes you sound like a tool.

That's like saying, " hey rest of the NFL, except for you Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Francisco. We have a big problem you don't know about because it's a winning team issue. We just keep winning these damn trophies and need to put up banners, but our banners don't fit because we poorly designed our stadium."

I'm also bitter, very, very bitter. I wish my team had this problem. I'm bitter, I have a huge disdain for the Patriots and shut up about your damn banners.