LeSean McCoy Wants Kiko Alonso To Know His Feelings Were Hurt

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Kiko Alonso put a picture out on Sunday that most would consider harmless and make no big deal about. LeSean McCoy wasn't one of those people. He apparently didn't take kindly to the fact the image Alonso used was on of him being flipped and tackled in the air. Think that's childish to get mad over? Check out McCoys comments he posed to the image:

"boy ya dad wish u was as good as me... n ya new contract garbage lol my 2011 money...," and "take me off ya page u BUM."

So clearly he wasn't bothered by it. I mean you don't just bring up contract money if you're bothered by some other professional athlete posting a photo who's caption (if google translate is correct) means, " The White Light Eyes". I don't even get what that means, but the fact this bothered Shady that much to have to comment on the post is just funny.

Guy is making millions of dollars and getting bothered by a dudes photo. I don't even think it was meant in any disrespectful way towards McCoy. That'd be like Tom Brady getting pissed at a defensive player who put up a picture sacking Brady with a caption, "Can't wait to feast again this week". It makes no sense and just shows how thin skinned Shady is when it comes to anything that could portray him in a negative light. Ignore it and move on, I'm sure you got much better things to do than comment on a consistently injured LB who plays for a franchise that has been a roller coaster of good and bad over the past few years.

P.S. Shady, maybe have someone do the math next time for you, because Kiko makes more "garbage money" a season on average then you do bud.