Handball Goalie Celebrates His Way to an Own Goal

First off, handball was a game I played in gym class, not something I ever thought you could make money off. If I had known this I would have kept up with my game and found pick up games to attend. 

This moment by the goalie is great. Guy makes what I assume is a huge save in the game and wants to celebrate it with the fans. The place is going nuts, one small thing though....the game is still going on. Funny thing about handball, its strategy is similar to soccer, where they sometimes give the ball back to the goalie to set the offense up. This guy seemed to forget that and his teammate couldn't have been paying that much attention either.

I'm not throwing a ball back at my goalie unless he makes eye contact with me. If he is doing the dirty bird celebration it's a clear sign that he isn't giving a fuck about what's going on in the game currently. In the end, who knows if this goal made a difference in the game. Depending on where they were and how big handball is as a sport and in betting, the goalie may have been beaten up. Hopefully that's not the case, but maybe next time he will keep in mind the old baseball/golf saying:

Or at least until you hear a whistle.