European Soccer Fans Are Their Own Breed

European Soccer Hooligans are some messed up folks. I mean yes, there are fans of soccer who throw live ammunition and flares onto the field, but those are also in places where there are internal wars going on. You half expect to see people doing that in certain places. Europe though is suppose to be refined and the fans that show the world how it's suppose to be done when it comes to some footy.

Don't give me, "well fans of Hockey throw Octopus onto the ice". Yes, but that is actually a thing that both the players and fans know are going to happen at some point. These are dead rats being thrown at players. Last I checked Octopus don't give you rabbis or any other weird diseases if they accidentally hit you. I want to me the psycho who carried these in and thought, " I can't wait for the perfect moment to throw dead rats at some players." That guy or girl, you never know with soccer hooligans, has some messed up thoughts.

It's par for the course. Soccer in general across the globe has fans that are in American terms: A few fries short of a happy meal.

People are just nuts and attack players not only with dead rats, but sometimes with themselves. People rush the field and create tons of havoc. You especially have to be careful in the lower divisions, because if those teams get demoted forget it. The stadium is getting burned down and the coach and players are being dragged out by their shoe strings. Imagine if we did that with sports in the US? Poor Cleveland would have been burned to the ground about 40 times, but it seems like Detroit already caught onto the trend a while back.

Anyway, what animal will be thrown onto a soccer field next? I kind of want to know what people would sneak in. I'm going with platypus just because it would mentally mess with people.


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