DeShaun Watson Kicked Out of Tuscaloosa Bar, Not By Ownership

Sports IllustratedClemson quarterback Deshaun Watson was asked to leave a Tuscaloosa bar on Friday, according to
Watson was seen at the Innisfree Irish Pub and filmed when former Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson approached Watson and told him to leave the bar.
I saw this story over the weekend and think it's hilarious. How pathetic does Anderson have to be to get some fans along with him to tell Watson to leave? Apparently pretty pathetic, because that's exactly what he did. Luckily Watson seemed to just shrug it off and leave because he's smart and doesn't need any stories that could mess with his draft stock, but how good must he have felt? The guy beats the school in the national championship, is a top draft pick, and is getting kicked out because....well apparently they're are a few different reasons floating around.

One of the stories that came out was that Watson was told to leave since he was hanging out and dating former Bama RB TJ Yeldon's ex. Even if that is the case, it's really because Alabama fans and players take college football to seriously. It's a religion to them and something I will never understand. Being passionate is one thing, making it a lifestyle is another and if you don't believe me that it's a lifestyle for people in Tuscaloosa just look at this:

That's just to meet Nick Saban, so if you beat these people in a National Championship game, in heartbreaking fashion, they're not going to ever let you hang around in their town. The biggest thing to take away from all of this is that, the owners of the bar lost a mini-celebrity that day. That could bump up business even just a little. They wanted to make sure everyone understood their stance on the matter, saying:
"We apologize for any inconvenience this incident caused to our customers. We appreciate anyone that chooses to visit our establishment and hope to continue welcoming sports fans for years to come."
"Our Customers" aka DeShaun. The incident caused no inconvenience for anyone else that was actually there. It's a smart move though because then they cant be labeled as Clemson sympathizers. If that happened might as well close up shop and never show your faces in Tuscaloosa again, because you'll have made the Bama Bad People list. I assume thats the list name because Tuscaloosan people don't strike me as the brightest.