Colin Cowherd is Dumber Than I Thought : NBA Edition

Oh Colin, you're an idiot. The stories you tell to get your point across are even worse. I mean the old I'll change myself and everything around me to get you to like me adage, come on your bett....never mind you clearly aren't. 

Anyway, this was all to get the shocking, "Westbrook doesn't deserve MVP, because he tried to hard to be the MVP take". I'm sure Russ gives a shit that you would at least pay to watch him play. Come on though Colin, you're pulling out Skip Bayless type arguments to get listeners. Of course Westbrook tries hard to be the MVP, but that's because he has too. 

You said it yourself, "Russ is on the worst team" if he was on the Rockets or Spurs his numbers would be much different. Instead he has to put on a show every night. The Thunder are 33-9 in games Russ has a triple double. The guy needs to put up 40 shots a game, if he didn't the Thunder would be fighting for the #8 seed right now instead of being comfortably in the #7. 

The comments are unnecessary Colin, I get you're on Fox so ratings are lower than what you were use to when riding with the Big Dogs at ESPN, but you wanted the $$$ and to live out West. Deal with it and don't make ridiculous comments that have no reason to be said. This is like me saying, "LeBron James isn't a top 2 player in the league, look at his numbers, he doesn't even compare to others guys. He tries to hard to be a top player, but I'd pay money to go see him play." 

It's dumb and makes no sense, much like your little story to lead into the Russ comments.