Cardinals Stephen Piscotty Had a Rough 5th Inning

Getting hit by a baseball once is no fun. It doesn't matter where you were hit either, it's always gonna sting and sometimes hurt really bad. I remember playing high school ball and my coach told me to square up for a bunt. I squared up my bat and body, the pitcher squared me up and hit me straight in my baseballs. For the record that is not a fun place to get hit, made even worse by your coach saying, "stay down, the trainer for the other school is a woman". Yes coach, that's exactly who I want checking out my groin at 16 years old. Instead, I stood up winced a bit and lightly trotted down to first base unable to feel the middle section of my body for about 3 more innings. 

If you get hit in baseball you have to shake it off and act like nothing happened, which is what Piscotty first. 

Then things went downhill. 

Guy got hit two more times going around the bases. He didn't just get hit either, I mean he was drilled stealing second, and then popped in the head coming home. Apparently he suffered a head bruise (uhh ya think?) his helmet flew off like he was hit by a sniper. He then dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes and looked like he was out cold at home plate. Piscotty was removed from the game to be safe as the MLB is taking concussions serious unlike some other league. Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny said:

"The trainers asked him a lot of questions. He answered everything fine," Matheny said. "It just rung his bell, which we'll find out what exactly that means when the doctors give him a better test than just us asking him questions on the field. But he was coherent."

That's good to know, you never want to see a player get hurt in general, let alone on a very odd sequence of plays that culminated in a baseball nailing you in the head. Still just so odd it all happened. Glad he's alright and that he signed that contract extension on Monday.

If he has a concussion, it's alright because he has $33.5 million reasons to still be happy.

Side Note: This was a bad trip around the bases, but some people like Kendrys Morales, may have him beat. Dude went from walk off:

to torn knee and done for the season

He may win that round