When Your Luke Maye, You Get a Standing O in Class

This guy hits the game winning shot to send one of the most prolific schools in NCAA Basketball history to it's 20th Final Four, and still shows up for class the next day. That is impressive. You know how many guys would be smashed/hungover and unable to function this morning? Try 99/100. Luke Maye though is that unique guy that shows what being a student athlete is all about. He's not just at UNC to get a year of ball under his belt to bolt for the NBA. He walked on and made sure to keep his academics a priority. You have to respect that.

Side Note: Why in the world would you got to class Luke? I'm pretty sure your professor would have totally understood your absence. All you had to do was send an e-mail that said, "You saw my shot, give me an A". That's it, if I'm the professor I'm giving you that A, no questions asked. You probably won me some money by making that shot. Just don't always be the goody two shoes Luke, have a little fun. Take advantage of the moment, because this is your peak.