Warren Buffett Factory Worker Wins $100,000

ESPN -A factory worker in West Virginia fell one game short of winning $1 million in Berkshire Hathaway's NCAA tournament bracket contest.

The company was offering $1 million per year for life to any employee who could pick the first two rounds correctly and a lump sum of $1 million to anyone who accurately predicted the first round.

Berkshire chairman Warren Buffett told ESPN on Tuesday that the winner, who received $100,000 for going the furthest among the 96,108 brackets entered, missed one game out of the first 32. After choosing the first 29 games correctly, he picked Marquette to beat South Carolina. The Gamecocks won on Friday night by 20.

What a life. Warren Buffett knows how to get people into the March Madness spirit. A few years ago he offered a billion dollars. Yes. 1 Billions dollars, like Dr. Evil wet dreams was offered to anyone who had a perfect bracket. The chances of which, are anywhere from 1 of 128 billion to 1 and 9,223,372,036,854,777,808.

Now he's giving away money to his employees for just getting close to a 1st round perfect bracket! I want to work for Warren, I could make a cool $100,000 every year if I just have to get Round 1 almost right. I did that this year. Even craziers, is Warren (yes I think we're on a first name basis) was going to give $1 million if someone was perfect through Rd. 1 and 2. I mean this guy just gets it and that worker who made some extra cash, said it will help pay off some bills. SOME BILLS? What is this guy have in terms of bills that 100k is only taking care of some of them? Does he have all the cable providers? That's my most logical guess.

Even crazier is the worker almost didn't fill out a bracket so he wasn't that angry that he only got a six figure pay out. I mean the you paid nothing to get into the money, you can't be angry at all. I would of been happy with an extra $100. Of course, the most unbelievable part of this all is the game that took him down. He picked Marquette over S.C. That means he didn't fall into the traps most others did in picking VCU, OK St, and Minnesota to win. It also means he picked the upsets wins by URI, USC, and Xavier.

So congrats to him, congrats to Warren being one of the coolest bosses, and here's to me putting my application to get in on next years action