Vin Scully's Plans for Dodgers Opening Day? Probably Won't Watch

NY Daily News - On Monday, the Dodgers will play their first opening day since 1950 without Vin Scully calling their games. He won’t be in the stands. He won’t make a point of watching on TV, either.

“It’s a day game. I’ll probably have things to do,” the famed 89-year-old announcer told The Associated Press from his home in Hidden Hills, California. “I might catch a piece of it.”

Vin Scully, a legendary sports caster who called Dodgers games for 67 years probably has better things to do than watch the boys in blue on opening day. WOW. Just wow. Scully goes on to talk about how he hates watching baseball as a spectator or casual fan, which I guess isn't all that shocking if you're use to being the guy everyone listens to for decades to describe whats happening. Having to shut up and just watch the game may not be that fun.

It kind of makes me wonder if he liked baseball at all. I know that's blasphemous to talk about the famed Vin Scully that way. I mean, I shed a tear during his farewell message to the fans and I don't even know a single Dodger fan. The guys a legend, but to think after all those years with the team that maybe he would at least watch opening day. If anything check out the guy who replaced him, for a fraction of the cost.

Besides, what does an 89 year old Vin Scully have to do on a random Monday in April? Doctors visit, early bird specials, a sale on jello? I honestly don't know, but what I think Vin is doing is just covering up how mad he is that he's no longer in the booth.

He is switching between being apart of the working class to the retirement group at a much later age than most. It can't be easy for him, you're suppose to have a second round of life after you retire. Go on vacations, buy that car you shouldn't, but instead Vin kept chugging along every Spring, Summer, and Fall calling games for Dodger Nation. Sooo I guess I have to cut him some slack here. You do you Vin, because you've done a lot for others over the past 67 years *I mean this seriously not sarcastically I swear*