Volleyball Player Gets Knocked Out and Opponent 3 Counts His Ass

There's nothing like a sports video where someone gets absolutely nailed in the face. I mean jeez, that ball came in as fast as Stephen A. Smith words come out. Just fired in, getting from point A to B in .002 seconds. 

Even worse that guy has to have a broken nose and shattered confidence. I mean did you see the Tucan Sam shnoze on the guy? He looked like Gru from Despicable Me

That alone had to be killer, I'm shocked when he got up it wasn't gushing blood everywhere. As for the confidence side, how do you recover from your opponent coming to your side and giving the 1, 2, 3 count for being knocked out. It's not like it was even one of his own teammates. It was literally the guy who hit the ball and nailed him. That is beyond cocky. I guess volleyball players don't have a code of conduct. 

Think about it. The guy jumped up and smashed the ball. Saw it hit his opponent in the face and knock him out. He sticks the landing, rushes under the net, slides and does the WWE ref speed count. That's gotta shake you even if it's a little bit. Overall, I give the hit and celebration a 7.9/10. It would have been higher if the player was knocked out for the full 3 count and didn't get back up to play.