USA Ski Jumper Flies and Breaks Record

Ever wonder what it's like to fly through the sky like a bird? Well Kevin Bickner of the USA found out in a big way this past weekend. He set a new USA World Record of 244.5 Meters in a Mens Ski Jumping competition somewhere in Europe. I mean just watch this dude glide through the air like it's nothing....

BALLS OF STEEL! I watch that and hold my breath because there is no way I would ever be able to do that. He is literally launching himself into the air with nothing but sticks on his feet and hard ice and snow beneath him to break his fall. If you're not a fan of math to put it into perspective he went over 2.5 football fields at a downhill angle. WHAT! Throw me through the air 50 feet and I would fall break my leg and that's if I'm lucky.

I know sports like ski jumping don't get that much respect or air time on TV, but sometimes you gotta appreciate the risk these people are taking, because one wrong move and you end up like the guy from the "Got Milk" ads from forever ago.