Tony Gonzalez Leaves CBS Making the Romo Rumors Grow - Former Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez spent 17 seasons in the NFL. But the soon-to-be Hall of Famer is leaving his role as a studio analyst on The NFL Today at CBS after just three seasons. 

Another name that’s being floated around is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who has quickly become the more coveted free agent in broadcasting, though it’s unlikely he would take a studio job if he decided to retire from the NFL.

The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that CBS is actually trying to entice the 36-year-old quarterback to its booth with a big-time job opportunity — replacing former Giants quarterback Phil Simms as its top anchor for the network’s NFL game coverage.

We heard this a few weeks ago that CBS was interested in snatching Romo up if he decides to retire. I am still very much against the Romo to analyst move. Even with Tony Gonzalez leaving you don't need to bring in another Tony or even another former player. Instead CBS should give us a new face a chance in the sports analyst world.

I am one of those fans that want's to see us the average joe's represented in some way. I mean every football show on the major networks has former players and coaches filling up every analyst spot. The person I enjoy most is Rob Riggles on Fox because he brings humor and a bit of the actual fan perspective to what we watch. That's a personal opinion. Other people may be in the camp of wanting nothing but the guys who played the game telling them everything. I want the nerds, the beer belly guys mixed in to that group. If we didn't have them, the idea of Fantasy Football would have never come about and Matthew Barry the FFB Guru would have no job. 

There is the part of me that wants Romo on as an analyst just to see him have to call playoff games. Guy had the talent, but couldn't stay on the field. We also all know what happened every time he did make the playoffs.

Never gets old.

P.S. I can't be alone thinking Romo's first day on the job his chair will break and he'll fall and shatter his collarbone right? right?