Tim Tebow is a Ballplayer for the Mets Single-A Team

Newsday- Tim Tebow’s baseball odyssey will continue in South Carolina with the Columbia Fireflies, the Mets’ low Class-A affiliate in the South Atlantic League, where he will play every day as he attempts his transition from quarterback to corner outfielder. “Sending him to a full season club is what we hoped to be able to do,” Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told Newsday on Monday. “And based on what he’s done in spring training, and his whole body of work since last fall, we feel comfortable with him going to Columbia.” 

TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! I can hear the crowd of the Fireflies going crazy already. This is the best thing to happen to Columbia, South Carolina since Steve "Head Ball Coach" Spurrier was named the Gamecocks coach in 2010. Just look at how excited the team is on Twitter...

You think any other minor league player is getting that kind of treatment? Heck no. If I'm Tebow I would be telling the team to try and keep it as low key as possible. I wouldn't want to be the 29 year old son of God, having to restart my career with a bunch of 18-22 year olds and some newly signed international players. It's amazing Timmy was able to even get on a full year club. I'm thinking I may dust off the old glove and give it a try. If he can make Single-A, I should at least be looking at a bench spot for Double-A ball.

Of course, if you're a true Tebow believer you should get yourself a Fireflies jersey to show your support for him and the team formerly known as the Columbia Sand Gnats. It'll only cost you a very reasonable $75 and it's not a terrible looking jersey:

Except if you look at the fine print the jersey does not glow, but their ball caps do. It seems a little odd that they need to put that, but maybe that's because I'm a Northerner and you know us, always looking down on the South. It could also just be I have common sense and wouldn't think a jersey glows unless it told me it did. 

Anyway, best of luck Tim. Think about your time in Columbia as good training for when you decide to give up being a professional ball player and just decide to be a Manager of a team instead, because you know someone will let you. All you have to do is ask.