NCAA Baseball Players Suspended Over Fantasy Football

The NCAA and it's stupid rules strike again...

ESPN-Five Richmond baseball players who have been ruled ineligible by the NCAA were involved in fantasy football, leading to their suspensions to start the season, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report.
The university announced Feb. 17 that five student-athletes on the baseball team had committed secondary violations and would be ineligible for competition until the NCAA completes the reinstatement process.
The NCAA is an awful organization, has anyone ever said that? It really baffles the mind of what student-athletes are and are not allowed to do in college these days. I mean there should just be a black and white list that clearly details it all. I get that they think gambling on any sport is a violation, but what's the harm of dropping $1, $5, or $100 on some fantasy football? Everyone does it, at least in the states that allow it legally (which they were in, and all of age). I could totally understand if they were gambling on college sports, but it's not, it's on guys who get paid millions of dollars. Meanwhile, these guys are playing and earning the school money and they don't see a dime of it. 
Don't give me the whole "well they get a free education" that's complete B.S. because they may get a free education, but they're restricted from doing so much stuff. I want to know one person that is effected by these guys gambling on some fantasy football. You're not only hurting the players by keeping them off the field and potentially dropping their draft stock for their own future baseball careers, you're hurting their teammates and their chance to have success, over something that has no effect on the school, the game, or NCAA. 
If you can name me one person I'll apologize to that person.