Marshawn Lynch Going Beast Mode in the Bay?

ESPNThe Oakland Raiders are strongly considering the acquisition of retired running back Marshawn Lynch, either through trade or by his release, league sources told ESPN on Friday. For now, Oakland would have to trade for Lynch because his NFL rights remain the property of the Seahawks, as he has two years remaining on his contract. Seattle general manager John Schneider and Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie have a long-standing relationship, as they worked together in the Packers' front office.

You know why the Raiders are considering this. It's Beast Mode aka Marshawn Lynch and the hometown guy. Marshawn grew up in the Oakland and if there's a guy that was built for the black and silver it's him. Especially, if Mark Davis from Problem Child stardom is planning on moving the Raiders to Las Vegas in a year or two. 

Yeah, there's a few hurdles that have to be overcome, but if the Seahawks and Raiders can work something out and Marshawn want's to come out of retirement why not let it happen. 

If. IF, it does actually happen the Raiders will have one of the scariest offenses going into the season and would be my pick as the team that could really challenge the Patriots for the AFC. I mean Carr, Marshawn, Amari, Crabtree, and that offensive line are pretty damn good and it would be hard holding them down for an entire game. Don't get me wrong Latavius Murray wasn't bad, but we all know what Beast Mode looks like....

The guy is also media gold, even when he barely talks or says nothing at all. He's an interesting dude and someone all fans want to see back in the league. It is kind of funny to me though, that the Raiders would rather go after a guy that was retired for a year and is under another teams control than A.P. This is what happens Adrian when teams know your past.

You simply aren't a good pass catcher and in this league you need to be able to run and catch out of the backfield. That's the reason we're all thinking he hasn't gotten a contract yet right?

Anyway, here's to bringing back Beast Mode. You can bet if he comes back, Jack Del Rio will give him the ball on the 1 yard line EVERYTIME.