L.A. Galaxy From the Top Ropes

Listen, if you haven't checked out our podcast that's cool. You can check it out here. Anyway the reason I say that is because this past week I told people they should check out the Galaxy vs. Timbers game. It's the beginning of the MLS season and the league is getting better every year. That includes their social media game.

That is a great use of social media right there. That tweet last night shows not only how pathetic some soccer players flop, but how you can take those clips and turn them into a masterful troll job. Here's hoping this starts off a nice trend in the MLS, and if any clubs need ideas on how to do this. Take some notes from the Sacremento Kings twitter.

Overall, nicely done L.A. at least you have the Galaxy and the Dodgers to look forward to when it comes to sports.

P.S. $20 says Landon Donovan un-retires for like the 15th time this season. Guys the Brett Favre of Soccer.