International Medieval Fighting Is A Thing....and It's Awesome

THIS. IS. AWESOME. I had no idea this was an actual sport that people competed in. Let alone that there was a USA team involved. This is like five levels above that dumb L.A.R.P stuff because these guys are using actual weapons. Apparently they are blunt so nobody actually loses an arm, which kind of takes some of the excitement out of it. I was hoping to see something along the lines of the Black Knight from Monty Python, you know:

It's still pretty entertaining none the less. I mean you have guys going all out and getting axes stuck in people's armored heads. That's entertainment. This coming from a guy who has never had the urge to go see medieval times and eat a giant turkey leg. I never really saw the point. It's all staged, unless they pull a Cable Guy moment and pull people from the crowd to actually fight, but I'm thinking insurance won't cover a jousting injury. Still it's got to be a great time, and when you go back to work and someone asks, "How'd you get that black eye?" you can just casually respond, "This little shite from Portugal hit me with his mace right in my kettle hat and it smashed me in my eye." No one would no how to respond or understand anything you just said, but they wouldn't mess with you ever again. Not even that biotch Helga from H.R.

This international medieval battle royal though is something I would go watch and put money on. You have guys fighting for national pride in the most brutal way. This also has to give some guys a way to release some anger over nations that may have invaded them in history. Like I'm pretty sure Poland v. Germany would be a blood bath and someone will be seriously injured. That's kind of the point. The 2017 IMCF World Title will be decided on May 25-28 in Skive, Denmark. I say we gather our schillings (Curt or money) together and make the trip. This has to be even better in person, and I have a feeling for a few days you get to wonder back to ye olden times and not worry about the real world codswallop (which apparently means "non-sense"). 

So to all my USA brethren fighting the good fight in May, cheers to you. Take down kingdoms and pillage the villages...