Indians GM's 6 Year Old Breaks Lindor Deal.....Maybe

ESPNIt's no secret the Cleveland Indians want to sign All-Star shortstop Francisco Lindor to a long-term contract.

Thanks to little Brody Chernoff, the length of that deal may now be known.
On Saturday, the 6-year-old son of Indians general manager Mike Chernoff was invited into the team's broadcast booth during the ninth inning of an exhibition game against the Chicago White Sox. During the visit, Brody Chernoff was asked a few questions by veteran announcer Tom Hamilton, who wanted to know if the youngster's dad was working on any new deals.
"He's trying to get, um, Lindor to play for seven more years," Brody answered.
Hamilton burst into laughter at the response and joked that "we better not talk any more, Brody."

Kids say the darndest things, am I right? How many times have you seen a kid get invited to a play call booth and reveal the inside dealings of an organization, hundreds, thousands? I mean the chances of the Indians GMs 6 year old kid even paying attention long enough to his dad to understand that they're trying to sign Lindor to a long (maybe 7 years) deal is unbelievable. Either that or Brody understands just how important Francisco Lindor is the Indians future success.

Lindor has become a stud in the AL and really the MLB as a whole over the past two years. The reasoning for a long term deal right now though, kind of make zero sense for the Indians. They have him locked up until 2022, which doesn't even sound like a real year right now. The only reason to sign him this early is to do what the Angels did with Mike Trout, where they lock him up into his prime for a much cheaper price than he would command in a few seasons.  If little Brody Chernoff understands this entire complex thought process, than watch out Theo Epstein. This kid is coming for the greatest leader title you somehow took over the Pope. Yeah, that Pope, the one that's cool as shit and making church seem like it may not be so bad to attend every once in a while.

Anyway, it may not be how the Indians imagined their best player hearing that they want to sign him for 7 more years, but oh well. If I am Cleveland I'm bringing Brody with me to the negotiations to convince Lindor to sign, because probably just have to tell the kid to give the puppy dog eyes and Francisco will sign whatever is put in front of him.

If you want to hear the audio and how the Indians radio guys reacted to this moment check it out below at the 3:40 mark.