Iguana Storms the Tennis Courts

I'm so glad someone had the court mic'd up to listen to this conversation about a giant iguana just chilling on the scoreboard. The judge/moderator assuring the guys not to worry about the giant scaly beast, he's harmless. He is right, unless it's a giant Komodo Dragon there is probably nothing to worry about. Vesely though seems somewhat concerned about the lizard king, but Haas just wants to take a selfie with it. I would have been on Haas's side here until the lizard starting moving, then I would have gone all Jonah Hill screaming

What makes this video even better are the so called "experts" who are trying to coral the lizard. I mean the one guy had it by his tail. All he had to do was hold on for about 10 seconds and give the guy with the towel time to get in place. He couldn't and even when the had the lizard cornered he still escaped. It reminded me of the lizard video that was big a few months ago, where it escaped tons of snakes by doing parkour all over the place.

In this case they eventually were able to grab a hold of the scaly son of a bitch and escort him out, giving him a lifetime ban and reminder to never come back.

P.S. If you care about who won, Vesely wiped the floor with Haas beating him in 3 sets, but at least Haas got this sweet selfie:

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