Guy Tried Rugby for the First Time.....and Probably Last

That photo says a lot about the sport of Rugby. It's basically football without the pads and a bunch of extra weird rules. That photo though, submitted by a Reddit user shows why I will never play a game of Rugby. In that situation it does not matter if you are the top or the bottom player. You're either getting your faced slapped by another mans dick or your dick is going face first into a strangers face. No thank you. I'm gonna stick to the games that I know the likely hood of that happen are slim to none.

That looks like the move from Dirty Dancing, but with some catastrophic results. I assume that immediately after this photo was taken that both men went to the ground hard, and their positions didn't change much on impact. 

Guy couldn't pull off the Swazy. 

Seriously though, Rugby is not a sport people should be excited to play. Men basically fight in a huddle, get lifted in the air to only get knocked out and thrown to the ground, and most of them lose teeth like their hockey players. It took the stuff from other sports that make those sports not as safe or fun to watch. Plus the rules change depending on what country you're in. That would get massively confusing. 

I'll pass on all that. Besides I came up with that decision long before this photo. I remember watching the episode of Friends where Ross tries Rugby out and thinking, "Fuck that"