Guy Gives Logical Reasons for a UC Davis Upset Over KU

Alright, March Madness is starting and that means everyone is waiting for their bracket to be busted. My guess is for my own personal bracket to be busted by time Middle Tennessee loses to Minnesota. The chances of anyone knowing what will happen is slim to none, not even the ESPN Bracketology Guru Seth Greenberg will have a perfect bracket.  It's why March Madness is every gambler and bookies nirvana. It's non-stop action over 4 days, a few days to regroup/get next weeks paycheck and then 4 more days of non-stop action.

Enter Joe Schmo on Reddit. He's coming in HOT with a bold prediction for one particular game (UC Davis vs. Kansas). He's predicting that the #1 seed (KU) will lose for the first time to a #16 seed (UCD). His reasonings seem pretty sound to me and with the way the sports world has gone this year, he may be onto something. Check out his 15 totally reasonable and sound arguments for what would be one of the biggest upsets in sports history and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

The 15 Facts That Prove UC Davis Will Beat Kansas from CollegeBasketball

If you believe him, put down some money because the fact Kansas grows corn, and Davis grows cows, and cows eat corn is what really swayed me.