Grumpy Old Man Bob Knight: "Hopes Everyones Dead"

Indy Star- So for those fans still holding out hope that Bob Knight will one day walk into Assembly Hall, give it up. Friday morning, the man who coached that iconic '76 team went on "The Dan Patrick Show" to discuss that season. But what caught most people's attention were Knight's comments regarding why he won't return to Assembly Hall and what he thinks of the administration that fired him.

Knight: “I hope they’re all dead."

Old people are the best, am I right? They will say whatever, whenever, however they want to and people will rarely say anything to them. I mean I had my grandmother tell me I was on drugs when I was 11 because my hair was changing from blonde to brown. Clearly she was right, no other scientific explanation, straight up drugs only answer. 

Anyway back to the point. Good ole' Bob Knight coming in hot with the hatred of a thousand suns against the administration that fired him. I get it, no one wants to get fired, especially as a coach because that means you sucked. Bob Knight in his mind has never sucked a day in his life. That came out wrong. You knew what I meant. It was always his players and how they ran the plays, it had nothing to do with him. Therefore, the administration should all die, and if they haven't they better get a move on before Bobby comes for them. 

The thing I don't understand is along with hoping all those old guys are dead, he said he would never go back to Assembly Hall, which is a shame because they're are plenty of people who would love to honor the guy and give him a cheer. Bob won't do it though and you can bet he means it. I mean does this look like a guy that would ever break a promise...

It really is a shame that coaches don't seem to have this type of anger personality anymore in sports. I mean the closest we get are minor league baseball managers going nuts and thats usually just so their team gets some ESPN screen time. There will never be another like Bob Knight.

P.S. He gets some distance with that chair