Greg Hardy Denied By Screaming Eagles Fans

YahooGreg Hardy is apparently interested in making a return to football, but it won’t be with the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles.

The Indoor Football League team, which is in its first season of play, is unique among American sports franchises: all decisions, from the team name to the head coach to the roster, are decided by fan vote.

And this week, the fans opted not to add former NFL Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Hardy.

Greg Hardy's life won't be elevated in Utah. He gets denied, not by the ownership or the coaching staff, but by the fans. This indoor team is a little odd with allowing its fans to basically choose everything the team does. They have an app that allows the fans to name the team, pick plays in the game, and apparently decide if multiple domestic abuse charged players have the right to play for their team.  They gave Greg Hardy a big fat NO.

Except when you look at the voting poll online you can see it was % points that kept Hardy from suiting up as soon as Friday for the team:

It was 50-50.

Let's be honest, the ownership and team wanted to sign Greg Hardy. They could've easily said it was a tie vote and we get the final say. Instead, they let it be decided by a few tenths. I mean I am not a Greg Hardy sympathizer, he should never be allowed to play in the NFL again. The guy mistreated women and had two chances to stay in the league and blew them both. Except the guy has no other skills besides being a pass rusher or bouncer at a club until he retiring days. I guess if anything let him light up the Indoor Football League. 

The real story isn't Hardy. The story we should all focus on is the fact that this team is run by it's most likely Mormon ravaged fan base. These people aren't making fun choices for play calling, because most of them are sober as sober can be drinking water. I want fans making obnoxious play calls because they are three sheets to the wind. Give me the fan base that calls a fake punt play on 2nd down or kicks a FG when the team needs a TD in the final seconds. That's what I really want, but will never get because the Screaming Eagles aren't playing in Philly or Oakland ( they could, heard a football team is leaving them). 

I need a fan base full of this guy:

That guy would welcome Greg Hardy and Ray Rice and all the trick plays imaginable. He would run the Annexation of Puerto Rico 49/50 times a game. 

The other play would be the Statue of Liberty because he's American!