Goal Keeper Congratulates Messi for Scoring PK on Him

Lionel Messi is a great soccer player, there's no denying that. As you will see in the video below he makes a PK look easy and his teammates congratulate him. What makes the video odd is the goalie from the opposing team who he just embarrassed congratulates him. Just Watch....

REALLY!?!?! Come on guy, you were just beaten and not even close to making that save so the logical thought is to congratulate your opponent? I could understand if it was an historical goal for Messi or it was a blowout, but at that point in the game it was 1-1 folks. That goal just gave Barcelona the lead over Valencia. First thought cannot be, "that was a nice shot by Lionel, I'm gonna let him know and pat him on the back"

I played soccer through high school and was the goalie, which if you looked at me you would think our team lost by a lot every time. I was in much better shape and had and still have cat like reflexes. Anytime someone scored on me, whether I knew the opponent or not,  I was angry. I couldn't care if it was my best friend. The rest of that day we aren't talking. It's called having a "competitive spirit" or as other may say, being a sore loser. I'd rather be a sore loser and angry over messing up, instead of patting my opponent on the back.

Valencia teammates need to explain that to their net minder, because he isn't doing anyone any favors by being happy go lucky every time he's scored on. If I were the coach, I'd consider taking him out. I can't have a player who doesn't seem to care out on the field. That's just me though and I like to win. If Valencia is against doing that kind of thing, who am I to judge (outside of what I just said).

Anyway, Barcelona went onto win 4-2 so in the end it doesn't really matter that the goalie didn't save the PK, and it didn't help that Valencia was playing with only 10 guys do to a red card.

That's all besides the point though.