Cristiano Ronaldo Gets A.....Shall We Say Derp Bust of His Face

That bust is flat out disgraceful. I mean it looks like someone took a shovel to it while it was still being set in place, and no one decided to fix it after. It's almost as bad as the Brady drawing. I mean just take a zoomed in look at it:

If I am Ronaldo I'm super pissed, because before a few years ago he was not the handsome fellow you see today. In fact, he was pretty ugly. 

He clearly used a lot of proactive, finally went to a place that gave him a big boy haircut, and a dentist that probably gave him just an entire new set of teeth. The kind of procedure only the rich can afford. Except, I would rather have that greasy hair and faced picture be used for my bust then whatever they actually used for him. Ronaldo is a world class fubtol/soccer player. He has won the Ballon d'Or aka the best player in the world, a total of four times. That is second most, only behind Lionel Messi. He deserves to be treated better than this and have a statue made that actually resembles him and not his mutated close eyed freak twin no one ever knew about. 

I'm also not the only one to notice that the resemblance isn't quite the same, twitter of course did as well. Here are some of my favorites:

That last one was for all my Massachusetts people. You get the idea though, whoever made this did a terrible job, but luckily gave us all a good laugh.