Colin Cowherd Basically Says Connecticut Sucks

NY Post- Colin Cowherd thinks the problem with ESPN, which is about to lay off a ton of front-facing talent, is that no one wants to work there.The former ESPN voice and now Fox Sports talker tried to pull back the curtain on the Worldwide Leader’s apparent decline Saturday, offering his biased explanation for the departure of top talent: People don’t want to work and live in a small town in northern Connecticut.

First off Colin, obviously no one WANTS to live in Bristol, Connecticut, but if you want to be apart of the top sports network in the world you have to make some sacrifices. If one of them is living in a nice tree laden area so be it. I mean there are some ESPN personalities who get lucky and work out of L.A.
Second Colin, you just sound like a whiny ex who realized that they left the better person for someone who would spoil them with money and shiny things. ESPN is where you built your brand and trashing them and where the company is based is just pointless. It makes even less sense when you're on a network that doesn't even come close to the numbers ESPN has produced. It's not that people don't want to work in Bristol, it's the fact that a bunch are about to get laid off because all the different leagues are sucking TV networks dry with price gauges to be able to air their games. When you need to stay in the black you're company has to make some tough decisions. That usually means taking the oldest and highest paid people and letting them go to bring in young cheaper talent. 
Of course, you don't understand that because you still think you're a young guy and should be treated like someone with many years left in the industry. Don't just take my word for it though, check out how he looked at ESPN compared to Fox:

Someone made sure to by a bottle or two of "Just For Men" hair dye. It's alright though, L.A. makes a lot of people self-conscious. If I want to to get into the Major Sports Industry, the place thats #1 top of everyones list is ESPN. Its a fact. It creates the major talent, therefore it can let go of the major talent. ESPN has done it time and time again, and they will keep doing it and always come out on top because that's who they are. If you can't handle living in Connecticut and want some more cash for that dye job join Fox, see if ESPN really cares. 

Plus smartest move ESPN made was letting these two idiots go, but that's just my opinion