Brian Hoyer Default NFL Starter

ESPN-The San Francisco 49ers have a quarterback. ESPN's Adam Caplan reported Wednesday afternoon that the Niners are expected to finalize a two-year deal with veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer when the new league year opens Thursday at 4 p.m. ET.

Terms: Per Caplan's report, the deal is expected to be two years and about $6 million per season.

Brian Hoyer gets to be a starting QB again in the NFL, and again it's because they're isn't a better option. 

We all know that Kyla Shanahan has taken over H.C. in San Francisco and is currently going through his cell phone sending out texts to every former player of his that is a free agent. Guys getting texts that say, "You want to make that cash money? How bow dah?" (probably) because the 49ers have to spend a ton of money just to reach the minimum for the league. That's why a guy like Pierre Garcon is getting $16 million in his first year in the bay area. A lot of front loaded deals are going to happen out west. 
Have fun San Francisco
Hoyer though is getting a team friendly deal, especially considering the fact that he is now the only QB signed for the upcoming season. I understand it's not official for a few more hours, but still as I write this, Brian Hoyer of the Patriots, Steelrs,Cardinals, Browns, Texans, and Bears past is the 49ers opening day QB. Yes, you hope San Fran gets a QB that has a better track record than being on his 7th team in 9 years, but this team hasn't necesarrily been the pinnacle of franchises since the 80's ended. Hoyer will fit in just fine. He is the guy that somehow keeps getting these breaks that allow him to come in and be a starter without much competition. The Browns had him face off against Johnny Manziel, the Texans had him face off against Ryan Mallett, and the Bears simply made sure Cutler got hurt. He has never been amazing, but if you need him to step up for a game or two he could. 

I hope Shanahan is smart and signs or drafts someone that is much more capable than Brian, because if not, John Lynch is gonna sack him quick. No one cares that his dad was an all-time great coach, the NFL is a do something for me now type league and you only get so many chances to prove yourself...

Unless your name is Brian Hoyer