Jerry Jones: "I Can't Give Up My Precious"

The Cowboys had come out yesterday saying they would be releasing Jerry Jones adopted son Tony Romo. It wasn't that shocking to anyone. Romo has a huge contract and teams wouldn't want to give up any pieces on a QB that may or may not be made out of peanut brittle. 

In 24 hours, that has all changed. The Cowboys are now listening to trade offers with the Texans who currently have the Brocket ship under contract and the Broncos who think someone from Northwestern Football could actually do well in the NFL, as the two main partners.

According to Christ Mortensen, "Details aren't clear, but the Cowboys believe they have a deal in place involving Romo." If the Broncos are indeed that team willing to make a trade that would probably mean that Trevor Siemien is being shipped out. I really just think Jerry is trying to keep Romo a Cowboy for a few more hours, just so he can hold "his precious" just a bit longer before the inevitable....