16 Years Ago Today Randy Johnson Went Bird Hunting

It's been 16 years since Randy Johnson threw absolute feathers all over the place. The guy threw so hard it caught a bird in mid-flight and it exploded. Detonated on impact. When I first saw this video in my life I thought it was some sort of trick ball that exploded feathers. 

It's really hard to fathom that a dude threw a fastball so hard it nailed a bird, tore it's feathers off, and dropped to the ground dead. I guess if it was ever going to be someone though, Randy Johnson would be the guy. He threw harder and from a higher point than anyone I think I've ever seen. Guy was pure intimidation on a mound and the bird picked the wrong guy to try and get in front of. 

 I have to give Randy credit. He could've forgotten one of the most memorable odd moments of his career. Instead he's fully embraced his dead featherless friend. The picture at the top is his twitter avatar, and he's also a photographer and the symbol for his company is this:

Just overall great, and that video will never get old. The only thing that has come close is from this Fort Wayne game, but dude didn't even get one feather off: