Super Bowl 51 Prop Bets Preview

The best thing about the Super Bowl is always the Prop Bets, check our thoughts out.....

The Super Bowl is finally here and what better way to celebrate it then with a little bit of gambling. Prop bets are where it's at when it comes to the big game and plus they're always interesting, fun, and unpredictable (who saw Bruno and Beyonce appearing with Coldplay? Probably no one). This year we have some picks and odds. I'm giving my thoughts and you can listen to James through the link below:

Here we go:

Luke Bryan's national anthem: The line is at 2:09 and based on what we know about Luke he's a fun loving guy so, the odds he stays under in front of the biggest audience of his career is unlikely.

I'm going OVER and I'm saying 2:31 for that final note.

Coin Flip: The greatest prop bet ever, you have a 50-50 chance at being right. Gut feeling is "Tails never fails"

First Score: This is a two for one. I'm giving what the first score of the game will be (TD, FG, Safety) and who is scoring it. I think it will be a FG by Gostkowski to give the Pats a 3-0 lead.

Of course, it could be a Blount TD, Julio Jones Masterpiece, or the rare Brady Safety.

What Song is Gaga Singing First?:

We all know the deal, Gaga is performing and if you're a fan you want a hit single of hers to be the first thing when she hits the stage. I think differently, she just had a new album come out and she knows the prime time for people watching are the first 60 seconds (before bathroom/nacho re-fill break) I think the song "A-Yo" is what she comes out with, it's upbeat, sets the mood, and makes sure people stay to hear the classics.

2nd Half Turnovers: These two teams are better than the rest at not turning the ball over. They each finished the season with 11 team turnovers. That's very impressive when you consider the fact the Patriots had two inexperienced QB's playing in their first 4 games. In the end I think that-

Yes, there will be at least 1 second half turnover. In a game with stakes as high as this one there is no way someone doesn't break under pressure.

Super Bowl MVP: This basically depends on who you think is winning the game. The easy choices are Brady and Ryan, because the QB's always get the love nowadays. I'm going with the Falcons winning, but it will be Julio Jones holding that trophy. Belichick will try and shut him down, but it won't work Julio is on a different level right now.

Gatorade Color: The famous Gatorade dump, every winning coach experiences it and some point. There's plenty of options, Blue, Lemon Lime, Orange, Clear, but I'm going with the classic....Fruit Punch. Who doesn't love a good fruit punch gatorade. Of course, if the Pats win the game you always have to consider this.....

Keep it in the back of your mind.

That's it for the Prop bets for us, but you can listen to the random other picks we had on our podcast starting at the 33:50 mark.