Can We Still "Fear the Beard"?

The Bearded one doesn't want to be done in the MLB just yet

ESPN-Former reliever Brian Wilson is planning a comeback -- as a knuckleballer.
Wilson hasn't pitched professionally since 2014 with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he recently has thrown for at least two teams, Yahoo Sports reports"It was kinda good to lay back and figure out what I wanted," Wilson told Yahoo. "It feels like a new leaf."

Wilson, who will turn 35 next month and has undergone two Tommy John surgeries, played seven years with the San Francisco Giants and two with the Dodgers. He was a three-time All-Star, relying mostly on his fastball and slider.

This seems to be the new thing for former pitchers who don't want to give the game up just yet. Brian Wilson the man that started the, "Fear the Beard" before James Harden took the reigns in the NBA, wants to make a comeback. I get it, it's hard to give up a kids game that pays you millions upon millions of dollars. I wouldn't want to give it up either.
Let's get real though, Brian Wilson isn't making the MLB again as a 35 year old knuckleballer. There are only 2 pitchers in the entire league that throw it effective enough to even be allowed to pitch on a regular basis. R.A. Dickey and Steven Wright took a few years to perfect the gimmick pitch and time is not on Wilson's side. I don't think he also will have the patience to be able to learn the full intricate nature of the pitch.
He says its a pitch that has been in his repertoire before, but for a guy that was a pure fastball slider pitcher never really seem to care about other pitches. I wish him the best of luck because I would love to see Psycho Wilson comeback for just a little longer. Then we could all get some more of this: