Banana Boat Rides, GM James, and Boogie Boston

Banana Boat rides with LeBron and Wade, plus NFL Week 13 picks and more...

The technical difficulties hit hard this week and the guys had to resort back to recording over the phone. They push through and give a great episode.

James and Greg discuss how their holidays went and we find out about James preference for certain parts of the body. This all leads into NFL talk where the guys give their least and most impressed from Week 12, including Jeff Fischer's lack of knowledge when it comes to coaching and his opponents.  Picks for Week 13 are made and the guy guys over at Top Shelf Podcast our the Guest Picks of the week. They even give fantasy football advice, because that is their specialty.

The CFB Championship Saturday and potential Playoffs are overviewed with James admitting his lack of knowledge and Greg taking the reigns, before handing them back over when the NBA is brought up. James gives a breakdown of the Warriors/ Rockets 2OT game, along with the teams that matter both in the East and Western Conference. We even get a little peak behind the curtain at GM James and what he would do to improve his beloved Celtics.

Last, but not least the new CBA is broken down with James taking full credit for the All-Star game no longer being important in any manner. Greg can do nothing, but accept that truth.

That's it for this week and as always let us know your stance