Mini MMA?

Russia's version of MMA is a bit different than Americas.....

ESPNMOSCOW -- The Moscow-backed leader of the Russian region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, faced criticism Wednesday after his sons took part in televised mixed martial arts fights involving children as young as 8.

One of Kadyrov's sons, 10-year-old Akhmad, beat another boy by a technical knockout in the cage during a so-called exhibition bout on a nationally televised fight card Tuesday, while his younger brothers Eli and Adam also won their fights as a crowd of adults in the hall cheered them on.
A lot has changed since I was a kid apparently, because I don't think fighting in the Octagon was ever on my daily list of activities. It was more like, go to school, play video games, and eat gushers (that stuff was awesome). I can't imagine going to an MMA fight and having kids introduced and cheering for one to knockout the other, but then again I don't live in Russia.
If it was going to happen somewhere why not Russia? These kids had to love it too, because they got to be on TV and walk in with entrance music. Walk into school the next day and if anyone asks what happened to you just get to say, "Oh did you not see me on TV last night? I put Jacov into a chokehold last night until he passed out, but not until he got a few good hits on me" Instantly become the most popular kid in class. 
Of course, it's probably not the best idea and the dad in charge of the MMA league faced backlash that was well deserved. I mean when an 10 year old is being dragged out of the Octagon after a TKO, you have to imagine that he may have issues remembering things down the line. It's Russia though so the next event will be an 8 year old v. a Bear and life will go on.