NFL Blowup, MLB Dreams, Friday Night Lights

The guys comeback a week after their big (5:25) NFL Preview and basically see that everything they predicted has blown up in their faces. Romo and Bridgewater leave their respective teams without QB's and Colin Kaepernick's small political stance turns into a full blown national debate.

Tim Tebow aka Jesus of Sports has his (27:50) MLB tryouts broken down by two guys who are not MLB scouts. Greg and James know talent when they see it, but Tebow has the footwork of a 4 year old soccer player. James plays a game of pepper involving the Top 10 in (36:10)NCAAF before the he and Greg decide who will be in their College Football Playoffs at the end of the year. (Spoiler Alert-Neither picked Bama!)

Last, but not least the (47:30) Start, Bench, Cut of the week looks at 3 all time classic football movies Remember The Titans, Rudy, and Friday Night Lights. The guys breakdown their choices and one of them even admits he cries....

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