Ep:14 Westbrook, Dodgers, Jaws got Cut

Why is Russell Westbrook riding a shark? Check out our podcast, it'll all make sense....

This week the guys bring back the (5:50) NBA to talk Russell Westbrooks extension with the Thunder and somehow that results in a large discussion of Monopoly. The (15:10)MLB's passing trade deadline is combed over briefly with the concerns coming out of LA with Kershaw and Puig being the main focus. Of course, we can't forget to mention David Ortiz's next round of retirement gifts including 34 pounds of Salmon, YES you read that right, 34 POUNDS OF SALMON!

Shifting over to the (31:25) NFL Greg and James play a game of pepper  that rivals the Bennett brothers, but one thing they all agree on is that JJ Watt is a corny guy. Flying over to (45:30) Rio the room, country, and entire Olympics shamble situation is talked about briefly because we are positive more crazy stories will come out once the opening ceremonies have concluded. 

Finally, the guys tackle another pop culture (49:25) Start, Bench, Cut of the three biggest summer blockbusters ever! Jurassic Park, Jaws, and Star Wars: A New Hope are the options find out what their stance is and tell us your own....

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