EP. 12 Ichiro Hits, Harbaugh Raps, and Olympics Approach

Another week in July results in slow sports news days, but don't worry the guys have you covered.

This week they recap the (6:40) British Open and debate on whether Tiger Woods should even be discussed at this point. Some major milestones are being closed in on for two (16:10) MLB veterans with Ichiro approaching 3000 hits and ARod going for 700 HR's. The annual who should be in Cooperstown and what stats really count for baseball is bickered between Greg and James.

(31:15) Johnny Manziel and his "Comeback" are discussed and a game of "What QB's take Drugs" is played. The Jacksonville Jaguars also figure out how to pack their stadium for once, and it's now from football. This leads to (39:15) Jim Harbaugh's rap game and how Michigan has one big time music star. It all wraps up with (43:50) Start, Bench, Cut-Olympics edition No.1 of many.

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