Ep 10: America, Warriors, Fix it

The guys come back from their 4th of July celebrations to talk about the fireworks that occurred in the sports world. The biggest of them all coming in(3:35) NBA Free agency with Kevin Durant announcing he will be joining the splash brothers in Golden State. Once emotion settle down a trip across the pond to(27:10) Wimbledon is looked at with the major upset of Novak Djokovic and the hopes of England relying on Andy Murray . Of course, on the ladies side Serena Williams is casually making her way to another grand slam finale. (32:40) MLB is finally given it's proper air time with the announcement of the All star teams being announced. This leads to the discussion of "Craziest Place for a game". Finally, Start Bench Cut comes out with the "Best Free Agency" between the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

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