Episode 6- NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and Toasters

The guys catch up after a hiatus because of vacation and discuss the end of the (4:30) Western Conference, before jumping into the NBA Finals. The Cavs chances are broken down and we question Stephs regular season MVP if he doesn't win the Finals MVP. We round out the NBA with making fun of the Refs new idea of not revealing their mistakes. (27:30) Hot takes go flying across the rink when the guys discuss the Stanley Cup more than most national sports media. Who has the coolest championship trophy in sports is broken down. (32:50) "Brawl Breakdown" occurs with a new MLB fight to grade and what sport has the best walk off ending.  Toaster v. Toaster Oven is debated between Greg and James (47:00)Futbol aka socccer makes a short apperance before the show ends with kind words for Muhammed Ali and even Kimbo Slice. 

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